Friday, June 10, 2011

Post-It Notes.

Friend Confirmation.
So a few weeks ago my excellent friend and biz partner Bliss, bought us some new post-its for the office. They look just like little miniature letter stationery and are ridiculously cute,  I couldn't resist drawing on them! So here is the current collection of my office post-it doodles. Does anyone else doodle away on scraps and post-its? It would be cool to see other examples. I know GR had an entire show dedicated to them which was pretty fantastic!

Next step is to write some mini letters and send them out...three cheers for post-it mail!

Happy Thoughts.


Are you bear claw approved?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sketching in Trinity Bellwoods

Fox Park.
Tonight, due to my lack of organizational abilities these days, I found myself an hour and a half early for an art opening.  I figured this was a great time to grab my sketch book and hit the park for a little impromptu sketching!  It was beautiful out tonight...Toronto hot with a warm wind rolling around the park.  I had forgotten to bring my sketch book with me (bad rhya), so I dipped into a corner store and bought some lined paper and ball point pens for supplies.  Here are the results of my sunny sketching session, which I spent on a park bench until I was scared off by some very very very dark clouds accompanied by long and flashy vines of lightening and lots of thunder.  I never made it to the opening...instead I raced the rain home on my bicycle. 
Mr. Pinecone in a bad mood.

Kitten Face sketch.

Don't worry, the grass will catch you.

Sketching in Trinity Bellwoods, before the storm.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

We Are Made of Thorns.

we are made of thorns.
Experiments with markers. thinking a lot about the thorns in my mind these days.  would like to remove them...but then again maybe they add more character? I think these guys certainly wear them well.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Trout In The City!

So a couple of weeks ago, the most excellent Jessica from Nature is My Friend, sent me on my own 'mail art adventure'.  She mailed me a lovely trout sticker and instructed me to search out an industrial spot that was in the need of a little nature.  I finally had a chance to complete my adventure today!
On my ride home I pass by lots of industrial areas that could use a little love, but there is this one apartment building wall that I see everyday that just looks so minimal and bare and screams out for some love! Now I realize it is not entirely an 'industrial area', but I feel like it is surrounded by garbage bins and not much else, and looks really lonely and in need of some nature.  So here is where my 'trout' swims, next to a stream of pipes and stone.
This project was really great.  It got me thinking all about industrial spaces and especially the abandoned ones. I admit I am drawn to these desolate areas which I believe my dad is somewhat responsible for, as he was always dragging me along on his own adventures through barren places and eventually I fell in love with these lonely lands as well.  I like the quiet and the emptiness, the lack of signs and text and the lack of people, left with only minimal flat walls and the sounds of is definitely an eerie love affair I hold with these spaces....anyways...just thoughts...
I also managed to finish one of my own 'everyday adventures', the secret fort addition.  I made a fort of sugar, and invited my cat Koshi for tea!  It was very civilized....

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fox - A Mini Diorama!

Fox, a mini diorama! Photo courtesy of the love Jaime Maddalena
It has been a busy few weeks.  Finishing up our upstairs reno, so much painting! We painted our bedroom 'smoky green' this colour name! I feel like I could write several poems all about it...maybe i should challenge myself to make a 'smoky green' titled zine?

Anyhoo, I think that the weather has finally switched into a happy mood! So I can get outside with my mail art project from Jessica! I am really excited to take a cycle/mail art adventure tomorrow night. 

A few big thanks to these little friendly's who made some mentions of my 'envelope dioramas' and zines on their very beautiful blog spheres! It's so cool to see how people decide to 'tell a story' with their diorama's:1. Lady J from Send More Mail, who is also responsible for the lovely photo of a 'mini envelope diorama' I made one night all about a fox.
2. The wonderful Tanya, from Snap and Tumble, who received her 'Wolves' diorama and made a beautiful spread with it!
3. And lastly to Ms. N from Pretty Little Thieves, who posted up about my 'Wolves' zine on her awesome blog! I am such a fan of her work...completely inspiring!