Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 99

So I have finally broken the 100 day mark in my 365 days of Nintendo DS drawing, after taking a couple of months off during the summer. Next goal is 200!

Click the image to be taken to my flickr to see them all so far.

On my way to 365!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October...the crunchy month.
I spend most of October walking on leaves. First they are moist and slippery, then they get to that incredible crunchy stage. That is the best walking on bubble wrap. The crumbling of oranges and reds under foot. It is a good sound.
I spent a weekend up north. walking through the back green of my old public school. everything was fluttering away in the wind. it was a natural mess. fall is such a strange season to me, i want to dislike it as it means the end of summer, my beloved swimming month, but the colours, the air and the general nostalgia of fall is quite overwhelming sweet. i guess it's not so bad, even if it did steal summer. I suppose fall is kind of like a love-able villain.

i like that green can hold it's own all the way through the dead seasons.

Noodles and Koshi have been extremely rambunctious this month. I think they are excited for all the halloween candy i am going to buy and then eat when no kids come to our door again this year...(our house is too far from the street...yet i still get candy...just in case).