Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monster Mobile

I have been busy. Good busy. Moving the Monster Factory to a new location on November 1st, though we had to leave our old location on September 30th, so we have been temporarily working from home. It's actually a lovely break. I love my home office so much, with my plants and cat friends, though I wish my money tree would stop shedding.

I am still working on my DS Drawings, just haven't uploaded them up here yet and journalling when ever i get the chance. Most recently I made a mobile for my cousin who is expecting her first baby any day now.

I feel like it turned out alright. My next one I need to explore a better fastening method. I wanted them to have the option to of removing the little plushies for later use, maybe tree ornaments, but I think i could figure out a better way to make it look a little cleaner. This was super fun to make and now that I have made one, I can make more...