Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wild Hearts!

Friends found on cottage roads.
Back from the cottage. Sun kissed, lake washed, and full of radiant horizons.  I took along my sketch book and camera.  Found so many wild flowers along the roads that weaved around our home in the woods.  I can't seem to get enough wilderness right now.  Oh and there were ducks! 

And I must pass on some blog love (i am a little behind due to all the apologies!)
1. a big blushing thank you to Crystal from the lovely blog House of Hearts for her post about my Kitten Face blog!
2. thank you thank you to my newest twitter pal Kye, for her post all about inspiration and zines!
3. Jeanine also made a lovely mention of my wolf zine on her Saylor Made blog, which has become one of my favourite places to visit! Her newest post about polaroid week got my brain spinning!
4. Robyn is next, who was the recipient of my Raccoon diorama! Her blog is filled with so much mail art awesomeness it makes your heart swell into the shape of an envelope!
5. Huge Thank You to Simone for her post about the Wolves zine...I heart Simone's videos! Watch them!
6. And finally to Sophie from So Lovely Decoration, a site I frequent everyday to dream at, for her post of my work up on an awesome site called 'Ohlesgirls' awesome!   
Happy times in the grass. We wear tiny flowers in our hair.

Hiking to the edge of the lake, grass under foot, green stained soles wash clean in water.

Wild flowers, tamed.
Group hug.

The curious one.