Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Woodland Friends!

Woodland Friends, envelope diorama.
Latest 'Envelope Diorama' is all about Woodland creatures of a could call them forest spirits! I thought it might be fun to do something other than an animal and these little critters were the first things to come to mind.  Now i just need to figure out who to send this one to? In the meantime, I hope you enjoy their magical adventures. 
Hidden magic helps with hiding.
A gathering of forest spirits.
A good place to stow away your secret treasures
The only sounds are the whispers tangled in the tree tops.
Tiny spirits in training.
Lost in the orchard.
It's best to wait in the flowers.
Lightening is our night light.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning Blue

The sun is up, leaving the sky a brilliant blue. I like this. Spring has been so moody this year, constantly weeping.  i feel a change in the air.  My botty and i have been painting our upstairs bedroom and hallway, it's taking us forever, but the end is in site, and hopefully just in time for the tail end of what could turn into a sunny spring.  fingers crossed my dream of a park date will happen next weekend. 

Also, finally posted a new Kitten Face!  And two new Envelope dioramas coming soon, and some snaps of a sweet project sent to me by Jessica! So much to look forward too.  Plus, I dropped a huge handful of letters in the post box yesterday, fingers crossed that Canada Post resolves their issues and there is no strike!