Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Berry Time

Summer Day Dioramas, piled and ready for post.
Toronto summers are certainly a lovely sight, hot hot heat, blooming city gardens, and wildlife signing along with the city scape and car songs. We've been taking it easy in my neck of the woods and that has been a welcome break from what seemed like a whirlwind spring.  With the wedding and some major work projects I let myself get caught up in a whirlwind of fun and deadlines. But those projects are all cleaned up and closed off, and I am feeling focused again! The next goals are to really focus back on pattern and textile design.  I have so much to learn and try that at times it feels overwhelming, like there is no way I can figure it out...and not to mention there are so many talented artists out there it can be rather intimidating, yet at the same time so inspiring. And speaking of awe inducing designers, I am totally in love with Elizabeth Olwen's work! Make sure to check out her site! It's fabulous and her blog is a wonderful read!

Doing textiles is a dream I've had for so long, I just need to go and do it and not let my fears stop me...it's all about the making right? 

I've also really missed making beautiful mail...so to stretch out my fingers and imagination I thought I would start with making a small run of envelope dioramas...it has been so long! This one is about bears (a favourite of mine) and berries...I've been eating so many blackberries I seriously think I may be turning into a some sort of woodland creature.
Unfold and find a hungry bear, a berry for snaking, a tiny meadow and a mini forest friend for company.
Stuffed into their warm wood-like envelope.
Family on the run.
Berry dreams.
Sweet leafy spirits.
Following the storm.