Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A love story.

This week i need to try and finish our invites to this marriage thing we are doing this summer. As a lover of all things DIY, I can't lie, planning a DIY wedding is frankly a hoot! But I do have a tendency to live in my dreams...where every happening is heavily choreographed to swooning pop songs across wide open skies.  Bringing dreams to life is much different...

Above is our latest pass at the invites...a little more graphic and a little more simplistic. I still need to design our characters, the robot and the monster and address the font...but I am enjoying this direction.  It also is in the vein of the themes that I am hoping to incorporate into my first textile it's a good try two things at once project. 

Finally on another exciting note...fabric sampling has begun for the dress making! Bring on the mood board!