Friday, May 20, 2011

A storm of letters...

So many letters...

It has been so busy this week! My evenings have been filled with tacos, tap dancing and visiting with friends! The weather has not been the best, it's been raining for days.  Luckily it has also been raining letters! I haven't had a chance to photograph some of the awesome packages i received in the mail this week...but i will soon.  Until then here is a little collage of some of last weeks lovely notes!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden Heart.

I've been avoiding my garden for many reasons, the main one being that it turned into such a disastrous experiment last year that I felt like I needed to take the summer off and let the slugs be kings of their dirt patch again.  Yesterday, I finally decided to go outside and take a look at my sad mud square.  I took my rake and started to gather up some of the leaves and clutter and low and behold the hosta I had planted the year before had sprouted back! I almost cried! Then I looked over to the left of the hosta and my 'bleeding heart' was blooming! It was awesome! So with a serious attitude adjustment and a new plan of attack, I have decided to put some love into my garden again this summer. First I am going to do some major weeding and then I will plant a few more shade loving's all baby steps for this green heart.
Final note: My mail box has been filled with beautiful mail this week.  Postcards, envelopes full of old memories and ribbons, and lovely letters about time and beauty.  I also sent out a whack of mail last week...and my dear mail art buddy Jessica finally received her 'wolves' zine! And she did a lovely post about it here, along with a whole stack of other amazing mail art goodness! Three cheers for mail!

Sketching at the Workroom

A rose in her's fancy.

I spent last night tucked away at the workroom with j.  we had our journals, and many scraps and fancy stickers and stamps in hand (well more like spread out all over a sewing table).  Here are the fruits of the evening.  Oh and i can't forget to mention seeing the lovely r, whose smile brightens up an entire room.
To find me check in the burrows of Bloordale.

Vintage stamps flutter in the breeze...air mail and whispers.

Heather's garden in SF.