Friday, April 16, 2010

The Sneak
today i went into my back yard and dug a hole. i found shards of glass and worms...there is a serious amount of worms in our back dirt patch. i am going to dig a wider hole on the weekend. at some point i will fill these holes with some suitable soil, and plant some seeds, i am leaning towards red vegetables like radishes and beets...maybe also some rhubarb. i do like digging these holes.

dirt and leaves
wet mush on my jeans.
spring has been crying.

Day 22

I am loving this drawing challenge! This orange group makes me chuckle. I am thinking of doing a pattern of these guys, after some refinement. The night I drew this it was rainy and glum outside, this helped brighten up the situation.

Monday, April 12, 2010

this image fell out of the sky while out with my dad and sister on a boat trip around the thousand islands. such a good weekend. nothing like fresh air, miles of roads and water side to make you feel better inside.

Oh and i forgot to mention, if you are interested in seeing all the ds images i am working on, you can check them out here!

Day 16

this was inspired by a street pylon and a strange tent for housing construction gear i saw on my way to work one day. they make a good duo.