Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding My Footing...

Summer Run.
I've been after my dreams again...patterns and one day what I hope will be a line of textiles. Due to my wedding sabbatical I fell a little out of practice...but now I'm back...wobbly and uncertain, but I'm finding my footing and it feels awesome.  Been searching out inspiration where ever I go, and really trying to just get my ideas onto paper.  I hit the computer tonight...more to just play around with some techniques and see what works best...
Hollyhock Tea Time.

One of my biggest challenges has always been combining colours.  It's funny because colours are one of my most favourite things about life...the spectrum, the combo...the beauty...what's not to love when a sunset steals your breath away.  I find that it's actually out in the wild that I see the most inspiring mix of palettes...which got me to thinking...that I should start using my Colorschemer app more and start creating colour palettes from the photos that I've taken of day to day life.  So this is what I tried with these 'Hollyhock Tea Time' patterns.  I've also posted the original photo that I pulled my colours from.  I am really excited about the possibilities of working this way...can't wait to see where it leads...
Again, on a Grey Day.
Original Inspiration.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Soundtrack

Bear-ry Day Card...envelope diorama the birthday edition.
Oh man I love summer.  I've been living in pools and watching the blue skies float amongst the water surface.  Bright bike rides and flapping skirts in light breezes which carry the colours of lavender and hot pink roses around our ankles. Who could ask for anything more.

I've also been obsessed with creating a soundtrack to commemorate this lovely far I've got three tracks:

I am open to more suggestions...