Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Raccoon - Envelope Diorama
So I am just putting the finishing touches on one of my newest envelope dioramas.  This one has a 'Raccoons' theme.  I am an urban dweller and so I am often inspired by the nature that I find in my back yard...hence the 'Squirrels' diorama and now of course 'Raccoons'.  There are so many raccoons in Toronto and two in particular live in the trees at the back of our house and they are quite the wily duo.  Always trying to break into garbage bins and messing with my garden, and yet at the same time their little faces are so hilarious, I kind of get a kick out of watching them run around our neighbourhood causing havoc.  I based these raccoon illustrations on my hometown friends.  Now to send this diorama off...

Raccoon Family.
Wandering through wheat fields.
Waiting for rain in the hills.
Staying at home on a rainy night, wrapped in warm flannel floral sheets.
New found friends.
He will meet you by the flower patch.
Blossoms tumble around us in late spring.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneak Peek

Lilac Friends
Quick sneak peek at some new friends that belong to one of my newest envelope dioramas.  Also new Kitten Face coming this week! Woot Woot!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Envelopes full of wonders!

Lovely words from a lovely person!
What a beautiful Monday evening.  It just poured rain for a good twenty minutes and now the sunset is out and i can see fireworks fizzling out beyond the trees. Just perfect! The lazy city traffic and the bright popping are the perfect soundtrack for this blog post.

Last week I got a couple awesome surprises in the mail...two letters full of treats! One was from the awesome Jessica Gowling...who i think i have mentioned multiple times on my blog.  I am a huge fan of her printed wonders.  She sent me a mail art package full of treats! When I opened the envelope the goodies burst out like happy sparks. Here are a few of my favourite peices from pack...I may have added some happy 'rhya' embellishments.
Fun in Norway postcard!
Party time post card...though i think the guy on the right wasn't invited.
My favourite page from Jessica's 'Who? Hoo!' zine.
The best! Hannah Montana Magnets, that match my Spice cam perfectly!

Secondly, I received an awesome letter from one of my oldest friends and penpals, Clare.  She started writing to me out of the blue this year when she realized I was writing letters again.  I am so excited to be sharing our stories once more via paper and pen and even better her last letter was accompanied with stickers, ribbons and the post card below.  I can't wait to write her back! There will be letter presents!
The postcard Clare sent.