Monday, May 23, 2011

Envelopes full of wonders!

Lovely words from a lovely person!
What a beautiful Monday evening.  It just poured rain for a good twenty minutes and now the sunset is out and i can see fireworks fizzling out beyond the trees. Just perfect! The lazy city traffic and the bright popping are the perfect soundtrack for this blog post.

Last week I got a couple awesome surprises in the mail...two letters full of treats! One was from the awesome Jessica Gowling...who i think i have mentioned multiple times on my blog.  I am a huge fan of her printed wonders.  She sent me a mail art package full of treats! When I opened the envelope the goodies burst out like happy sparks. Here are a few of my favourite peices from pack...I may have added some happy 'rhya' embellishments.
Fun in Norway postcard!
Party time post card...though i think the guy on the right wasn't invited.
My favourite page from Jessica's 'Who? Hoo!' zine.
The best! Hannah Montana Magnets, that match my Spice cam perfectly!

Secondly, I received an awesome letter from one of my oldest friends and penpals, Clare.  She started writing to me out of the blue this year when she realized I was writing letters again.  I am so excited to be sharing our stories once more via paper and pen and even better her last letter was accompanied with stickers, ribbons and the post card below.  I can't wait to write her back! There will be letter presents!
The postcard Clare sent.


naturesmyfriend said...

Rhya, what an amazing post!!!! i am so flattered thank you so much! I love all of your cute little additions to the goodies, and even the juxtaposition of hannah and the spice cam is too good. You do inspire me, VERY MUCH SO. I love reading your blog, you have a way of making everything so creative and interesting. I am so excited for you to get the trout adventure!!!! especially because the project was INSPIRED by you AND because trout have a special place in your heart and family life. Wow. I love how the universe works. So happy we are friends :D all the best from out west <3 jess

SaylorMade said...

I love that your characters photobombed Jessica's mail art.