Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Raccoon - Envelope Diorama
So I am just putting the finishing touches on one of my newest envelope dioramas.  This one has a 'Raccoons' theme.  I am an urban dweller and so I am often inspired by the nature that I find in my back yard...hence the 'Squirrels' diorama and now of course 'Raccoons'.  There are so many raccoons in Toronto and two in particular live in the trees at the back of our house and they are quite the wily duo.  Always trying to break into garbage bins and messing with my garden, and yet at the same time their little faces are so hilarious, I kind of get a kick out of watching them run around our neighbourhood causing havoc.  I based these raccoon illustrations on my hometown friends.  Now to send this diorama off...

Raccoon Family.
Wandering through wheat fields.
Waiting for rain in the hills.
Staying at home on a rainy night, wrapped in warm flannel floral sheets.
New found friends.
He will meet you by the flower patch.
Blossoms tumble around us in late spring.


Sharolyn said...

l*o*v*e the raccoons

Anonymous said...

oh i'd love to make friends with those raccoons! they are too cute! A friend of mine has been taking care of a baby orphaned raccoon she named Meelo!

Anonymous said...

ooops I meant Meeko*

SaylorMade said...

These dioramas are aces! I love the layers and textures you use.

Celine said...

rhya! I don't normally like raccoons (I am scared of them! I usually run away!) but I feel the need to cuddle with yours, much like how I like cuddling with my cats (or try to!)

Jaime said...

I love your wandering racoon! Everytime I see a racoon I feel as though it was a "wildlife" sighting. (13 years in the city does it to a girl!)

Inge said...

This is sooooo lovely and cute! I would love some art of you in the bedroom of my baby boy Jules! I think it's so beautiful what you make and create... Wish I was that talented. :-)
Just a question, do you make things on request and if you do, how much do you ask for it? Just curious... Let me know, ok?
Thanks and I wish you all the best with this lovely blog,

robayre said...

Rhya, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY DIORAMA! I finally allowed myself to open it up today. I subscribed to your blog back when I first found your mailart, but I haven't allowed myself to read any posts for a while because I didn't want to ruin the surprise.
I had so much fun playing with it and positioning all the pieces. Ridiculous amounts of fun :)
I love all the precious parts and the time you put into it. I'm enamored with the subtle detail and water coloring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
BTW, did you receive a little book from me? I sent it several weeks back now, but I know it takes a while to get mail to Canada and didn't I hear there was talk of post strikes there?

Trina said...

hello... my friend shared one of your posts in google reader and i am smiten. ;) i love your little creatures (they remind me of wool ones i make so of course i would love their little faces off!) i just realized i haven't posted pics of the racoons i have made!

every time i see a raccoon i always think Gackgoon! (which is how a child i know says it) :D glad to have discovered your blog.