Friday, October 21, 2011

Towards the Woods...

I feel like this guy is telling me to run to the woods this weekend and join in a big forest party.  Instead, I will be running downtown and joining in the fun of the Zombie walk! I have never been before, because I am terrified of zombies (irrational fear I know)...but since I am turning thirty something this weekend, I also feel like it's time I start facing my fears! Though, I still not ready to deal with spiders.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bear and Bear!

As the seasons trade places...I can tell that hibernation is becoming higher on my priorities list.  Also, I have been digging up all things made of wool, that have been buried in closets for the sunny seasons. Oh winter.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hey Mr. Postman.

My mail box has been happily supplying me with some lovely things these day, but I am also very happy to see that my friends from all over have been receiving their own gifts from me! So a big fuzzy Thank you to all who shared about my bunny zine! Jaime made a lovely post over on Send More Mail, Jessica from Nature is my Friend also gave the bunnies a great shout out, and Jeannine from Saylor Made just made an epic mail art filled post with a sweet bunny mention! Finally, my new friends from overseas Le Funky Mamas also dropped my little zine a line.  Happy fall to all!

Now as for my own treats, I am posting some snippets of the treasures that have graced my letter box as of late.  There is a lovely birthday card full of unicorns from my friend Heather in SF.  I love unicorns and I love Heather...and I frickin' adore this card!
There is a beautiful stamp pack from Jaime, including a little curling stamp, which made my morning when I opened it, as I am hoping to get married at a curling club here in the city.
There is a letter made up of several postcards from my friend Clare, one of my oldest pen-pal's after Skye.  We've been writing letters since High School and I love that the story continues.
And finally there is an incredible wedding thank you card from Airy.  Filled with photos of a wonderful day, that made my heart swell when I opened it.