Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hey Mr. Postman.

My mail box has been happily supplying me with some lovely things these day, but I am also very happy to see that my friends from all over have been receiving their own gifts from me! So a big fuzzy Thank you to all who shared about my bunny zine! Jaime made a lovely post over on Send More Mail, Jessica from Nature is my Friend also gave the bunnies a great shout out, and Jeannine from Saylor Made just made an epic mail art filled post with a sweet bunny mention! Finally, my new friends from overseas Le Funky Mamas also dropped my little zine a line.  Happy fall to all!

Now as for my own treats, I am posting some snippets of the treasures that have graced my letter box as of late.  There is a lovely birthday card full of unicorns from my friend Heather in SF.  I love unicorns and I love Heather...and I frickin' adore this card!
There is a beautiful stamp pack from Jaime, including a little curling stamp, which made my morning when I opened it, as I am hoping to get married at a curling club here in the city.
There is a letter made up of several postcards from my friend Clare, one of my oldest pen-pal's after Skye.  We've been writing letters since High School and I love that the story continues.
And finally there is an incredible wedding thank you card from Airy.  Filled with photos of a wonderful day, that made my heart swell when I opened it.


Jaime said...

I didn't know you were getting married at a curling club!

rhya said...

the High Park one to be exact! I thought you knew...LOL...we really do need to hang out. Hilarious...that's why I thought you sent the stamps.

Celine said...

OMG getting married in a curling club sounds like such a sweet idea rhya!!!!!

Jin was super impressed by the bunny zine! I've been so swamped that I haven't had time to post mine yet! ahh! sorry!

all this mail you got is so pretty!

even eve said...

I want to get mail... i've seen a few things around the internet that have made me nostalgic for mail like you received when at summer camp or art exchanges.