Saturday, February 27, 2010

just playing around with fine lines. these are the few stragglers that i haven't posted from my last journal. mostly just test pages. doodles...probably one of my favourite pass times. i love doodles, lots of my ideas spring from this habit. it's snowing outside right now. i thought for a second we might have escaped winter...

I am clearly ready for spring. I can't wait to bike again. I am not brave enough to bike in the winter. I tried, but after sliding through a stop sign last year, i decided it wasn't for me. This is another random pen sketch. Working on ideas for fav.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Egg time is coming soon!

And so another journal ends...
This is the last page.
i really wish i was somewhere close to that tree right now.
sometimes i wish that i could dress up like a rock and sit by the ocean with a whole bunch of other rocks. in the scenario above, i also hope that i will be some kind polka-dotted rock.
i got a valentine in the mail.
oh tangles, comb your hair already.

i will make some swatches of my fabric ideas this year. i will! and then maybe i may even make a dress from them.

time for a new journal...