Friday, November 06, 2009


out the window a field of glowing bulbs

I blur my eyes and they expand and stain 

leaving bright rings 

clusters of warm.

this deep into night they are comforting.

old words tickle my finger tips.

they are so rich

they make my stomach hurt.

i collect them and keep them in a box.

now i find it hard to breath,

my heart is so swollen.

it gets softer with age and glows when I blur my eyes.

maybe it's a sun.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Project - Mementos

While moving into my studio today I stumbled upon a box of trinkets from my past.  I have managed to let go of many of these things during each move we have made, but some things I just can't let go of.  I thought I would put my camera to some use tonight and do some documentation.  
Grade 8 Corsage.  Made by Grandma.
Lockets and fish necklace. Mom and Pop in one and dogs Lucy and Time-o in the other.
Closed Lockets, and fish necklace (from my pops, of course)
Lockets close up.

Stones from my pops.

My Jordache wallet from the 80's.  I actually started using it again a few years ago...but after this photo I have finally sent it off into the world.

Moved In!

New month and new beginnings.  Things are falling into random piles of goodness.