Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tree tops...

Over the long weekend I was lucky to catch a ride up to my aunts place outside of Peterbourgh.  She lives on a beautiful farm, surrounded by fields and trees and possibly a lonely bear (who i thankfully did not meet on this offense to lonely bear...i'm just not that great a navigating wild animal social situations).
I took a bunch of photos while we walked through the trails that ran off behind the barn and into the woods, following muddy streams lined with early spring grass and winter baked trees. My favourite images that came out of these nature walks were a series of tree tops i found when looking way up into the sky.  I love how the branches just peek up through the frame, startled and still, like wild life on guard and listening...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Owl Life.

Owls in envelopes.
Newest envelope diorama is packed up and ready to go to the mailbox so a someone special out there.  I really loved how this one turned out.  Next one's themes...wolves, squirrels or possibly ponies! I hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend.  I spent mine on a farm far away from this city, surrounded by chirping frogs and crickets, and a night so loud with nature I forgot to miss the purr of my Toronto streets and slept like a log!
Flight path.

Resting in sun drenched fields.
All lined up with no where to go.
The Elders.
City Spy.
Balancing Owl.
Hidden amongst friends.
She hide in gold days and memories.
Secrets hidden in the grass.