Sunday, April 24, 2011

Owl Life.

Owls in envelopes.
Newest envelope diorama is packed up and ready to go to the mailbox so a someone special out there.  I really loved how this one turned out.  Next one's themes...wolves, squirrels or possibly ponies! I hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend.  I spent mine on a farm far away from this city, surrounded by chirping frogs and crickets, and a night so loud with nature I forgot to miss the purr of my Toronto streets and slept like a log!
Flight path.

Resting in sun drenched fields.
All lined up with no where to go.
The Elders.
City Spy.
Balancing Owl.
Hidden amongst friends.
She hide in gold days and memories.
Secrets hidden in the grass.


t a n y a said...

holy heck, these are great.

SaylorMade said...

These are so fun! I feel like there is a story behind their poses, something that includes hijinks.

shelbyisrad said...

these are AMAZING! The squirrel one sounds INCREDIBLE!!! ohmyword!

rhya said...

Thanks tanya...i am working on yours next. woot.

and @salyormade, there are total hijinks happening...i think the giant elders are trouble makers

and thanks @shelbyisrad, once i get the squirrels done i will post them up.

naturesmyfriend said...

k seriously, i want them all. i forbid you to gift these to anyone else but me. i know it's greedy of me, but it's what must be done from here on out...

Sharolyn said...

wow you have been very busy clever lady! these are so so cute. all of them!

CrystaL* said...

These are great! Such a pretty little package.
Nice to know you got out of the city. I need to have a night without the sound of Montreal around me!

rhya said...

thanks everyone...i am loving making these...i kind of want to figure out how to do a little printed one...tanya we need to!