Thursday, November 10, 2011

Textiles...The early stages.

early stages...mucking around in illustrator.
So when I started to get back into my blog a couple of years ago after a long monstrous hiatus, one of the goals of this project was to make a dream of mine come true: Textile Design.  Before I started though, I really wanted to develop my illustration style more and give myself some room to work on a mess of ideas...but now I feel ready.  So I have given myself a deadline, and I want to have a line of textiles ready for end of January...fingers crossed I can make this happen. I think my first line will most likely be called 'The Friendly Bears''s a hunch I have...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pocket Sunshine

I've been buried deep in my sketch book for the last few weeks. Time is thin during the holiday season due to all the monster madness at work, but I've been enjoying my swift and stolen moments with my journal. I've posted most of these little bear drawings before via quick instagram shots, but I thought I would display them again in a bit more detail. 

My mail box has also been a flutter of beautiful treats...I can't wait to share some of the posted secrets that I've been keeping.  I'm also looking forward to a big mail out myself, I have been a little behind on my correspondences lately, and I've got my own post secrets to ship off to old and new friends!

There is no snow yet here in Toronto...and I am OKAY with that...the longer the snow stays away the longer I can stay on my bicycle....but it will come.  Luckily I've been stocking up my music pod with a whole new soundtrack for the frozen months.  I am calling it either 'Mix for Snow Stepping' or 'Pocket Sunshine'.  Here are my top 5 favourite tracks so far:
 (Please do not hesitate to suggest other tracks)

Into the meadow, following old footwork home.

The last fall flowers.

She keeps secrets tucked deep in her pockets.

A hint of spring through wool and fur.

It's always best to cover your ears in a wind storm.

The birds that stay on are stand out against the quiet winter horizon.
They decorate the branches and telephone wires. Removing some of the stillness from the cold sky.