Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paper Sunshine!

It's January in Toronto...that means...snow...or well it used to.  These days we are flip flopping between freezing skies and rainy afternoons.  Either option would be improved with sunshine. 

So for my latest mailing project, I created some little bursts of sunshine packed up in the tiniest of envelopes! I am shipping them out hopefully some familiar friends will have a little bit of extra warmth pass through their hands this month. 
Paper Sunshine: inside the a tiny burst of happy!
I am also getting really excited about making some valentines...i have some ideas cooking in my imagination. Next step, put them on paper!  Also, my other life's work, the Monster Factory is running an awesome contest/activity for this very love filled holiday. Essentially you write a monster a valentine, and they will write you one back! All the details are available via the link above. 
Bear in the snow.
Bear making a million wishes.
The tiny envelopes for the tiniest of letters!
A little letter made out of paper sunshine.
And now back to my blanket fort a.k.a. hibernation station!