Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last week I sent my good friend Jaime from Send More Mail, my second 'envelope diorama', this one's theme being birds.  I was so excited to send it out to her, I forgot to photograph it!  Thankfully Jaime is a seriously talented photographer and she took some pics for me and is letting me showcase her beautiful skills here!  She also made her own lovely post re: the dioramas up on her blog of postal awesomeness.
So please enjoy 'Birds' as shot by Jaime (check out more of her photographs here), and all birds made by me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Envelope Dioramas.

I have clearly become a little obsessed with all things mail these days, but seriously it has been so much fun getting back into writing letters and receiving beautiful things in my mail box each week!  Tonight I came home to my brand new postal kit freshly stamped and sent from Snap and Tumble and Send More Mail.  It is so beautiful, it's going to be hard to use i just want to look at everything all together and never mark up the pages! I can't wait to post pics.
Now of course sending all of these letters had led me to stumble onto a new fun project, which i am naming 'envelope dioramas'.  The first of these 'dioramas' came into being when I was putting together a little mail art package for Jessica.
When I was looking through my things, it didn't seem like i had too much to send to her and thought it would be great to make a little themed package all about bears (as she loves bears).  The following photos are what came out of this experience.
It's sort of like a package of illustrations, which can be arranged to tell a story, or a little scene....essentially An Envelope Diorama.
I have since made a 'birds' diorama and an 'owls', both sent out to some friends who love these things.  I think my next 'envelope diorama' may need to have a wolf theme...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cool skies...

endless rain-boot weather and daffodils running wild.  it's been a wild spring so far.