Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Doodles. Last weekend was surreal here in toronto, our downtown was turned upside down by the G20. I went for a cycle and toronto felt like a ghost town. Windows boarded up, empty streets and patios and lonely sidewalks. I never saw any of the major protests, though i did witness the one that seemed to pop out of thin air at queen and noble. I was watching a world cup game with friends at the Caddy Lounge, when I got there the streets were barren and then BLAM there were all these police and Parkdale residents blocking up the street. Very strange and very surreal.

Koshi the cat is keeping me company right now. He is trying to eat my plants again, he is kind of like a giant slug nipping away at the leaves here and there. Koshi = trouble.

Day 83

I love a good hair accessory and so do these two lovely friends.