Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paper Memories

Wow, November has flown by! I can't believe December is almost here. I also can't wait for the holidays, I am dreaming of hot chocolate, hot cider and a billion baked goods...which i am hoping to bake.

I have not had as much time for sketching and blogging over the last few weeks due to all the craziness over at the Monster Factory. Things tend to go a little banans during the holidays.  But I am still finding the time to throw down ideas here and there, as I plan on developing my first attempt at a line of textiles for the end of January. 
None of these sketches are concrete, more just bits of inspiration on paper, things I don't want to forget, kept for later.  I am really excited to get going...don't you just love the beginning stages of a project, when you have so many ideas and then you actually start to see them appear in front of must be one of my favourite things in life!

ps...there are some AMAZING textile designers down at the Toronto One of a Kind show.  I met Alison from Lovell designs...she was so lovely and made incredibly inspiring work...check it out!