Tuesday, November 09, 2010

moving places.

the MF is in the middle of a move. this is exciting. a new office, a new location, and so many new things to see. i get to map a new bike route which will take me home through kensington market. this means new groceries, new recipes, and new experiments in the everyday. everyday experiments are important. i like to make little changes in my day to day and see where they lead. big vacations are great because they can help you to recharge, but a big vacation does not come around enough to keep me satisfied. That is why i like to make up these mini experiments for myself, just to keep things interesting.

Maybe i will make something totally wild for dinner, or try and make an angel food cake from scratch. I have been thinking of taking walks at dusk, around the unexplored streets in our neighborhood and of bringing my camera to snap the secrets that hide in that perfect light. Or maybe it's time to start early morning journalling...so many new things to try. i guess once all the dust has been wiped away moving isn't all that bad...it's a good kick in the butt.