Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Acorns and Envelopes

Envelop Diorama: The Squirrel Edition
Today was lovely.  Hot sun, a large latte, journaling at the work room with j and a day at home in the middle of the week.  I'm not going to lie, there may have been a mini studio dance party to 'Escapade' with me, Janet and the cats.  It also gave me the chance to shoot my latest envelope diorama! This one's theme is Squirrels! I had a great time drawing these little critters, they were inspired by a duo of squirrels in my back yard, that spend their days chasing each other around our tree and feasting on buns left for them by our neighbours. They are quite the pair of roundy munchkins.

Also I have to draw attention to another couple of  'everyday adventures' that were recently completed by two of my lovely blogging friends! 

First, Sophie from the beautiful So Lovely blog, built her fort at the beach! I so wish I could just skip over the ocean to visit her and hang out on the beach at her new hide out!

Secondly, Jessica from Natures My Friend, built her fort next to a marmot's burrow. So awesome! I wonder if the marmot was surprised to find the little flag by his door, hopefully he invited Jessica over for some tea! 

Also I still have a few secret fort flags left if anyone is interested in building a secret fort of their own!
The entire gang together!
Lost in the pines for hours on end.
Mountain running.
Playing in the grass.
On their tip toes...sneaking about.
Acorn Mountain.