Saturday, November 05, 2011

Envelope Diorama: Winter!

The snow is coming, so we bundle our hearts in covers.

The two of us dress in wool, our breath tangles, frosty kisses iced with crisp sunlight.

Long walks...sound of feet and crackling snow. it's a happy kind lonely.

I live in the mountains for the cold months.

Ice bergs waltz together at the edge of the world.

Pieces of winter in piles around our feet.

His eyes are the warmest thing about this day.

We close our eyes and hibernate in envelopes till spring.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Greeting Cards Available!

That's right it is a party, a greeting card party, and it's happening over at Kid Icarus! They have posted up our greeting cards on their online store and on their esty site! That means if you would also like to join the party and order one or more of our limited edition cards you can! Check out the rest of the series below.  I have linked to the store pages. 
*All photo credit goes to the good folks over a Kid Icarus