Friday, May 06, 2011

More howls in the darkness.


I was recently inspired to try my hand at zine making again after receiving Jessica's Mountains Made of Fur in the mail several weeks back.  After making my 'wolves' envelope diorama and loving the little woodland creatures that developed during the process, I realized I was not yet finished drawing these furry little I incorporated them into a little zine...titled: (not so original right now)...Wolves! I sent a couple zines out already...if your interested and would like to see one pop up in your mailbox shoot me a message and I will see what I can do.

Other than that it's time for me to send some final howls into the night, one last lonely goodnight to the stars and moon, and crawl under the comforter and hibernate till hopefully what is a spring filled morning tomorrow.
Pages 1 & 2.

Pages 3 & 4.

Pages 5 & 6.
Back Cover.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


A few things, first I love the month of May, everything is starting to bloom! Bring on the Spring!

Secondly, amazing post by my dearest friend and most talented artist and writer Lindsay Zier Vogel about how her 'Secret Fort' everyday adventure turned out! Her fort is so splendid and I love that she built it out of one her beautiful hand made books! Take some time to poke around her website...there is so much to discover...especially the poetry and love letter project!

Thirdly, I have just finished two more 'envelope dioramas', one about wolves and another about squirrels. I am having the best time making these! Unfortunately, while caught up in my paper flurry I may have forgotten about my dear little Kitten Face! So I hope to get a KF post up sometime this week.

Here are a few images of the 'Wolves' diorama, it's being sent off tomorrow to a lovely friend in Toronto, who it was promised to many howling moons ago.  Can't wait till it arrives in her mailbox!
The Posse.
Wolves write letters too!

Summer Shrubs.

The time spent outdoors is not lonely.

Finding the first flowers of spring.

Some secrets are kept concealed in grassy paws.

Barn watching.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spring things...

May is here.  I can barely believe it.  The first half of this year has blown by so fast, it's almost as if the winds of this blustery spring blew time away along with winter's icy skin.  Spring is one of my favourite seasons.  I love the muddy rains, the thaw and the first touches of sun's warmth on my face.  Shedding sweaters and coats and generally an all around feeling of lightness. The only issue with this year's spring, is so far I still feel frozen.  There are many brilliant things on the horizon (hopefully one of them is Ontario friends will know what I'm talking about), but I just can't seem to get to them quick's very frustrating.  So to help warm up my fingers and toes, and get moving again I have been focusing on the pages in my journals, filling envelopes with spring secrets and getting on my bicycle even in the strong winds and heavy rain, just to feel alive again.