Wednesday, May 04, 2011


A few things, first I love the month of May, everything is starting to bloom! Bring on the Spring!

Secondly, amazing post by my dearest friend and most talented artist and writer Lindsay Zier Vogel about how her 'Secret Fort' everyday adventure turned out! Her fort is so splendid and I love that she built it out of one her beautiful hand made books! Take some time to poke around her website...there is so much to discover...especially the poetry and love letter project!

Thirdly, I have just finished two more 'envelope dioramas', one about wolves and another about squirrels. I am having the best time making these! Unfortunately, while caught up in my paper flurry I may have forgotten about my dear little Kitten Face! So I hope to get a KF post up sometime this week.

Here are a few images of the 'Wolves' diorama, it's being sent off tomorrow to a lovely friend in Toronto, who it was promised to many howling moons ago.  Can't wait till it arrives in her mailbox!
The Posse.
Wolves write letters too!

Summer Shrubs.

The time spent outdoors is not lonely.

Finding the first flowers of spring.

Some secrets are kept concealed in grassy paws.

Barn watching.


Inge said...

How beautiful that is! You're very talented... Keep up the good work with this blog, it's nice to read!
Greetings from Belgium,

t a n y a said...

dying. over. these.

Jaime said...

You make every animal cute + friendly!

Sharolyn said...

You are too cute! You are sure keeping yourself busy with all these animals. Aren't animals AMAZING?!

julie digs design said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

And oh my gosh, these are SO adorable!

Cheers! -julie :)

Petra C. said...

these are amazing rhya! love them.