Friday, January 14, 2011

All the heavy.

Do you ever have those days where nothing really goes smoothly. Today was a mountain of mess. I don't know if I just woke up out of stride, but it was comically rough. My work computer totally quit, i dropped my entire sandwich all over me at lunch and then proceeded to lose $20, plus there were numerous other bumps in the road which i can't even begin to get into.

Mess i say, one big mess!

So it is now the end of this ridiculous day, and all those frustrations are so easy to see and i'm thinking maybe it's time to look closer and find all the good stuff that was peppered through out that tangle of flubs. First, i went to work and shared my day with some super wicked people, and then Adam did an imitation of me after my computer died which really made me laugh. My sandwich which I spilled all over myself was REALLY good, and after all my anxiety I found my $20 in my pants at it was never lost in the first place. Plus I had a lovely walk to work this morning along Spadina, spying into all the un-open store windows along the street, and then enjoyed a delicious coffee. Finally came home and ate my favorite: left over Indian cuisine! I suppose that though this day may have been a mountain it wasn't all mess.

Outside under the laundry lines,
sheets blow all around me,
cotton prints blurring in my eyes,
soft kisses that smell like Tide.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Sketch Book Project: Done and Done!

So tonight i finished my journal for the sketch book project. i have a lot to scan and post before i mail her off. But here is a tiny sneak peak of what i have been on about over the last few months.

Covers on.

Covers off!

You need one of these in the Toronto winter.

sound asleep under a blanket of brambles.

always good to have a travel blanket with you for impromptu mini naps.

a choir sings in our living room,
lazy hymns blanket the walls and floors,
i let them keep me warm.

blankets being quiet.