Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Sketch Book Project: Done and Done!

So tonight i finished my journal for the sketch book project. i have a lot to scan and post before i mail her off. But here is a tiny sneak peak of what i have been on about over the last few months.

Covers on.

Covers off!

You need one of these in the Toronto winter.

sound asleep under a blanket of brambles.

always good to have a travel blanket with you for impromptu mini naps.

a choir sings in our living room,
lazy hymns blanket the walls and floors,
i let them keep me warm.

blankets being quiet.


Jessie said...


Can't wait to see more...

what was your theme?

I'm so jealous that you're finished! (11 pages left for me!)

rhya said...

My theme was jackets blankets and sheets.

i feel as though i was speed journaling near the was such a great experience though! So interesting to fill all those pages on one theme only.

what was your theme?

JAIME said...

I'm loving your journal Rhy! The theme is perfect for this time of year! xo

Liz said...

yes yes yes

amee king said...

I don't think I can love your journals or you any more!! Beautiful work sweetie. Congrats on finishing. You inspire me. xoxo

anika said...

I considered this theme when I was choosing one (there were so many good ones!)--i love how you interpreted it. Lovely work!

Jessie said...

well that makes sense!

this is not a sketchbook. (So I changed it to "this is not an iPod")

Did the last page an hour ago!

Patch ups and off it goes!