Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow and lace...

today i watched at least three types of snow fall from the sky. First, large heavy flakes, that glob together and clomp around the streets, like they have heavy feet that just need to touch down. There were also tiny ice pebbles, more like sand, that stung for a second when they whipped at my face, but then instantly erupted into tears on my fiery cheeks. And finally there were those perfect little individual flakes that are like little swatches of lace suspended for a second right before your eyes. Knotted ice, delicate and sweet, dressing the city in frilly elegance. These ones are my favorite.

in a mere couple of months the gravel will show through the ice again and the greenness of everything will once again stain my eyes.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sundays are for rest.

January is coming to a close. It's late tonight and I feel a little short on words. I had a weekend full of family and it was good. With brother living a giant plane ride away these days, it's nice to get to spend a whole day with him now and again. Plus he's got me hooked to listening to The Music Ninja, a great place to hunt for new tunes. my mom and sister also came into town and we had a day of delicious Italian sandwiches, board games and of course big belly laughs. Maybe that is why i feel ready to crawl into bed and make a cozy fort out of pillows and sheets.

I probably should have had one of these today, instead i made tapioca pudding and wrapped myself like a taco in towels straight from the dryer. it was pretty toasty and sweet. i recommend this activity on a cold winters day.