Friday, January 20, 2012

January Wind

The wind twists and ties my memories down
It howls and sparks and would rather I not forget...
January has been such a peculiar month so far.  I feel terribly behind in my creative pursuits but yet at the same time energized and excited for the year to unfold.  I think it's just been hard to get back into work mode after such a long holiday break.  My mind still seems to be focused on boiling large root veggies for stews and curling up in a nest of comforters on my bed and napping hours away.   
You leave tiny stab wounds, slivers of small branches.
Leaves flutter around us, an added drama.
To curb these lazy actions, I am giving myself little goals and creative adventures.  Sketch for five minutes before I head to work (meaning get up 5 minutes early  Or next week I have challenged myself to swim at least once.  I need to be back in the pool...let my mind wander through lengths of chlorinated blue.
I suppose I have also been a little preoccupied with planning a wedding...kye and I are finally getting married.  Anyone who knows us well, also knows that we have been engaged for a very LONG time.  It's fairly ridiculous.  This is our ten year anniversary year, so it seems fitting to throw a party and get hitched.  Of course with a wedding comes invites and decoration and thus crafting! Hello favourite things!
 Our theme is robot marries monster.  I've been sketching out some ideas for the invites...nothing but ideas at this point...and we have many...I like the one above...and want to colour the tie and head band with pinks and orange, leaving the rest of the line work black.  I think that would look sharp.
We are also playing around with some 8Bit imagery...might be a fun take...I like this image...but it's just not entirely there yet.

I am also in love with these lithuanian wedding head dresses...something tells me I will be making these!

My dad has also offered to help construct these hats...they are so crazy...but I kind think they would be a real show stopper!