Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jackets and blankets and sheets...the ongoing story of the things that cover us.

how we spent our sunday. everyone should really try the waffle bacon at the Starving Artist brunch/lunch spot on Lansdowne just north of Bloor St. It is the best way to feed a morning tummy.

It rained all Sunday. Kyle and I had to venture out into the winter wet for grocery basics. We both wore our running shoes, which was a poor decision. Also winter jackets don't always double as rain jackets. Lesson learned and banked for future reference.

Dream Jacket.

Which one is yours?

This was a supremely dreamy night. Shut into a tiny hall with sweet tunes and snowy storms bubbling up on all sides. The curtains were the same as they were twenty years prior. Flowers creeping around window sills, frozen in time, frozen to help us remember the warmer days.