Monday, September 05, 2011

The First of September's Pages.

Autumn. The oranges and yellows started me thinking all about the fall.  It will be here so soon!
These are the first of my September journal pages.  One is made up from things Jessica sent me in the mail and the other is really all about a memory of Kyle and i floating over the lakes in Algonquin...a memory i am going to savor all year long.
Kyle and i floating along.

August's incoming mail.

a lovely letter arrived from jaime on this beautiful stationery!
My August was full of sunshine, moody storms and lots of wonderful letters in my mailbox.  Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with posting all that comes through...and sometimes I want to keep my letters secret.  But now it's time to share! Above and below are photos of letter fragments from these most talented and lovely people: Jaime, Clare, Lindsay, Heather and Jessica! 
Clare sent me a thick package of many many treats! This one really caught my eye. It's like the dead centre of summer caught on paper forever! I am going to keep it close to my desk all through the cold months.
Heather knows me well. Yes, I am a huge Elvis's true.  She also sent me the most curious lamp...made out of a badminton birdie! It's designed and made by Kiel Mead.  Check out the site, there are tons of interesting things...i am also kind of in love with their heartsmith ring! My brother is a major badminton player. I can't wait to show this to him!
What can i say about this...a post card with the letter R and a Rainbow.  Pretty much the best thing ever! Thanks Jessica!
I love all the blues mixing together here on the back of Jessica's postcard.  There was also a special surprise hidden underneath the ocean of tape and paper.
Lindsay sent me these beautiful hang tags with Jack Layton's words hand written on them, to help spread around the city.