Friday, April 16, 2010

The Sneak
today i went into my back yard and dug a hole. i found shards of glass and worms...there is a serious amount of worms in our back dirt patch. i am going to dig a wider hole on the weekend. at some point i will fill these holes with some suitable soil, and plant some seeds, i am leaning towards red vegetables like radishes and beets...maybe also some rhubarb. i do like digging these holes.

dirt and leaves
wet mush on my jeans.
spring has been crying.


Jenn said...

You really have no idea how much your little drawings cheer me up when it's dreary, or when I'm busy (which is always). love you!

rhya said...

awe shucks j! i miss you so much too! i can't wait for you to come home!