Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fox - A Mini Diorama!

Fox, a mini diorama! Photo courtesy of the love Jaime Maddalena
It has been a busy few weeks.  Finishing up our upstairs reno, so much painting! We painted our bedroom 'smoky green' this colour name! I feel like I could write several poems all about it...maybe i should challenge myself to make a 'smoky green' titled zine?

Anyhoo, I think that the weather has finally switched into a happy mood! So I can get outside with my mail art project from Jessica! I am really excited to take a cycle/mail art adventure tomorrow night. 

A few big thanks to these little friendly's who made some mentions of my 'envelope dioramas' and zines on their very beautiful blog spheres! It's so cool to see how people decide to 'tell a story' with their diorama's:1. Lady J from Send More Mail, who is also responsible for the lovely photo of a 'mini envelope diorama' I made one night all about a fox.
2. The wonderful Tanya, from Snap and Tumble, who received her 'Wolves' diorama and made a beautiful spread with it!
3. And lastly to Ms. N from Pretty Little Thieves, who posted up about my 'Wolves' zine on her awesome blog! I am such a fan of her work...completely inspiring!


Anonymous said...

:D how lovely!!!! little foxes. they are one of my animal FAVES... hands down. SO excited to hear that it is sunny out east and that you can finally go on the trout adventure. Am especially anxious to see where yours ends up... since this adventure was INSPIRED by you! have fun tonight, looking forward to the results <3 jess

rhya said...

Excellent...that will be your next package! Foxes! now i am so excited!