Friday, June 10, 2011

Post-It Notes.

Friend Confirmation.
So a few weeks ago my excellent friend and biz partner Bliss, bought us some new post-its for the office. They look just like little miniature letter stationery and are ridiculously cute,  I couldn't resist drawing on them! So here is the current collection of my office post-it doodles. Does anyone else doodle away on scraps and post-its? It would be cool to see other examples. I know GR had an entire show dedicated to them which was pretty fantastic!

Next step is to write some mini letters and send them out...three cheers for post-it mail!

Happy Thoughts.


Are you bear claw approved?


Jaime said...

That post-it show sounded wicked! I can't wait for some post-it mini mail from you Miss R!

SoLoveLy{decoration} said...

hello,Rhya!J'aime beaucoup tes nouvelles illustrations,un petit clin d'oeil pour toi ici
bon week end!

dunk low said...

so nice,thanks