Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sketching in Trinity Bellwoods

Fox Park.
Tonight, due to my lack of organizational abilities these days, I found myself an hour and a half early for an art opening.  I figured this was a great time to grab my sketch book and hit the park for a little impromptu sketching!  It was beautiful out tonight...Toronto hot with a warm wind rolling around the park.  I had forgotten to bring my sketch book with me (bad rhya), so I dipped into a corner store and bought some lined paper and ball point pens for supplies.  Here are the results of my sunny sketching session, which I spent on a park bench until I was scared off by some very very very dark clouds accompanied by long and flashy vines of lightening and lots of thunder.  I never made it to the opening...instead I raced the rain home on my bicycle. 
Mr. Pinecone in a bad mood.

Kitten Face sketch.

Don't worry, the grass will catch you.

Sketching in Trinity Bellwoods, before the storm.

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Celine said...

these are adorable!!! I was sitting in my office when the storm came, which is close to the park! I am so glad you went back inside before the storm (but did it really rain at all?)

sketching in the park seems so relaxing!