Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter has grown shark teeth...

so last night i tried to ignore winter's sharp bite and i shuffled over to the Naco gallery on Dundas and to check out what Pal-Sac is all about. The Post a Letter Social Activity Club, meets twice a month and the main goal is exactly how the name sounds...post some letters and be social.

I have to say I loved every second! I went with my good friend Jaime, who has recently started a super beautiful 'mail' blog (check it out) and Jaime's buddy Phillipa, who is now my buddy! See it's very social! Actually there were tons of friendly people all scattered about writing, chatting, and sipping on a drink of choice. There was a lovely lady across from us who was writing a GIGANTIC letter! All long hand. It was so awesome...and I was really envious of whoever was going to receive that epic masterpiece. I wrote three letters, and it was so strange...I haven't written a real letter in such a long time. I used to have regular pen-pals, who I shared my handwritten thoughts with on a monthly basis. I especially remember exchanging long rambling tales with Kelsey, a camp friend, and later a life friend. I have to admit I felt very out of practice last night...what you write in a letter is so different from an email or a text...i found myself describing everything around me...my chilly toes and the warm lamp light, and the stormy snow showering down outside. And I can't spell anymore!

I am rusty, but after last night, I am ready to get back into letter writing shape. So send me your addresses cause there could be some mail in your future.

and you know what else letters make me think of...stationary...i'm totally going to design some!


rzy said...

rhya, this is so exciting!

reading this made me feel warm and fuzzy (as opposed to the cold & prickly i have been feeling as of late)

you amaze and inspire me :)

Skye said...

yay for letters! i haven't written any in ages; i miss them.
i'm glad you're starting up again.

rhya said...

rzy, you should totally come out one night. i think you would love it! totally your thing. i feel like Laura should come as well.

and skye...you know i will be sending you a letter right! i believe you were one of my original pen pals.

Jaime said...

Is that one of your secret journal pockets?
I love it!

Celine said...

rhya! I wish I could have come on monday :(