Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold Snap.

Winter boots, winter hat, heavy jacket, leggings, mitts, scarf, frozen cheeks, cracked lips, hard skin, watery eyes and a runny nose. This is pretty much me every morning as I scuttle along Spadina to work these days. I have yet to tumble on the black ice that hides under almost every step, though I have definitely slipped on my heels for extended periods of time, arms flayling and waving like an aged puffin on the edge of a cliff. It is never graceful, and I am always inches away from tilting too far back and landing in a scattered pile of winter grief on the curb. But winter walks are good for the lungs. Cold and crisp breakfast air, followed by sips of steaming hot coffee.

These walks also help to tire me out for the end of day sleep, which is by far one of my favourite parts of winter. Burrowing and squirming until I have a decent and warm sleeping place amidst our sheets and comforters.

Cold air also equals cozy sleeps.


Skye said...

It sounds icy. You're filling up your cup again, finding all kinds of good things; warm covers in the winter. I like that about you.

Celine said...

Jin and I have 2 comforters on our bed now! It feels so nice! Is cold air really good for the lungs? I like winter walks. But I tread carefully to watch for said black ice

anika said...

I think winter walks are the best! I love the cold crisp air, especially in the morning.

I really like the blue blanket pattern. looks so cozy.