Monday, April 11, 2011

Everyday Adventure #1

A while back i sent out some felt hearts to my snail mail buddies and sent them on an everyday adventure.  i asked them to take their heart and stick it to something that required a little extra love and then document it however they wanted, with a photo, a sketch or just a memory.  i took my everyday adventure a while back and stuck my heart in my garden...which is a full on sad mess.  yesterday though, I looked in the back and lo and behold there was something alive and growing in a small herb pot! Chives! Looks like my little love helped some.  Now i just need to conquer the rest of it.

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Sharolyn said...

Isn't it just so exciting to see little bits of green life showing their faces? Especially when it is a surprise! We haven't been in this house long so I am not sure what was in the garden last year but so far I have found oregano, parsley and mint that all survived winter and are coming back again. Your little heart project was very sweet and thoughtful.