Thursday, May 06, 2010

after over a year of really getting back into my sketch book or as one of my fav teacher's from university days used to call it 'my book of ideas', i am feeling really great. there is something so awesome about having a place to just go a little crazy in. it has also been interesting to look back through these journals to see how things have evolved from day one and contemplate my future directions. One thing that i found lacking and would like to include more of are concrete 'events' or snippets from my actual day to day life. As someone who kept a diary from an early age, I think it would be nice to mix in a bit of a 'diary' feel into some of my journal work from here on in. Certainly not every single page, but I love the idea of certain pages containing clues to a moment or a feeling or a something that happened...kind of like tags to trigger a snapshot of something you might not have room to remember, but can live comfortably between some old worn out journal pages.
i wish to plant a rose bush, like the ones we had growing up. i know they are not everyones favorite, but i do love their classic beauty.

jaime send me a beautiful letter with this quote and i couldn't resist, i had to cut it out and keep it here.

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