Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Party time.
i just booked a mini vacation to new orleans this summer and it makes me want to have a mini party this morning, right here at my desk.

i love spring. it is so beautiful out right now and everything smells fresh. i am still desperately trying to keep all the plants i sprouted alive, though after a fairly disastrous repotting experience this weekend, i am feeling very worried about my little guys. Well it is my first time gardening, so i guess i will just chalk it up learning, as i like to remind myself:


Celine said...

it's true! mistakes does = learning! many plants have died because of my learning! But boy did I learn! But I miss gardening so much! We don't really have space to garden right now, so this spring, I am aching with jealousy to see everyone's gardens coming up! But jealousy in a happy way!

and hooray for trip planning!!!!

rosalyn said...

ooo this is exciting!!!
raachachaaaa partyyY!!

happy spring lady, hope to see u soon
enjoy ur time in new orleans

rhya said...

thanks celine. i have no idea what i am doing...but i am working on it. maybe next time i see you i can pick your brains for some tips. Also, it has taken me two years in our place to finally break ground on our gardern.

and thanks rosalyn, i can't wait for a party!!!