Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New year, new journal...

a new beginning.
Kye bought me a new journal for Christmas this year and I love it! A size change from my last journal...more roomy, and it has a horizontal layout, which makes me feel like i'm journaling on long landscapes...and that makes for many happy pages.
treasures from sewon!
The first few pages i've worked on have included some of the treasures i've received in the mail from my art pen pals. There are a couple collages of small special secrets from sewon, whose blog i absolutely adore following. Her photographs are so lovely and really capture the everyday!
handmade stickers make everything better!
Along with sewon's secrets, there is a collage of handmade stickers that jeannine sent me from the west.  They are so fragile and sweet. I had to use them in collaboration with some illustrations.
a trio of owls.
And of course i received a package of sunshine and rainbows from my friend jessica, which included a trio of handrawn owls! I've yet to journal with these wonders, but my mind is racing on how i might...so many possibilities!
rain dancing.
Another creative beginning that I am really excited about is getting back into poetry with the help of one of the most incredibly talented writers I know Lindsay ZV. On the second day of 2012 we ran into each other on our way to work and challenged each other to write a poem or poems each day and send them to one another. 

Way back before the monster factory began, i used to write poems and pair them with images and drawings. As the monsters took over, I continued the image making but let the words fall aside...but it's time to collect them again.  I feel a bit like a baby deer on wobbly legs falling a whole lot, and writing hilariously bad verses...but hey we all have to start somewhere right! Oh and thank you Linds for bearing with me while i try and find my words again.  I've sprinkled some of my first attempts in amongst the images.
a winter collage.
i hear a song
a blue jean melody

and then

worn memories
catching in my chest.
handmade stickers from jeannine...i love the sprinkles...like rainbow snow flakes.
in the cold months
i carry bits of green and sun,
tucked in with bank statements and receipts.
my wallet burns.
our resolutions.
the cotton flowers in the closet
softly mimic
the sounds of summer.


Anonymous said...

One day I hope to be a guest in your house. I will drink warm cups of tea, eat your macaroons and look through all of the wonderful drawings & collages in your sketchbooks. SO BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS

RZY said...

Rhya! I also just posted about new journals :) Isn't it so lovely?

As always, you are inspiring. May your new year be happy and full of many beautiful pages (no doubt!)


Stella said...

Awesome!! Love this new journal of yours:)

Anonymous said...

Oh rhya I absolutely love your journal pages they really light up my day thanks.

Kushuka Lee said...

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SaylorMade said...

My heart swelled a little reading this post and seeing how you've used my stickers, the kind words and the poetry! All so lovely, dream-like and cheerful.

Jaime said...

So very glad that you're writing poems again! xo

Kye Sangha said...

Your journals are so inspiring- sometimes when I see what you're doing it helps me find more enthusiasm for my little efforts :) I write very bad haiku ditty's. It's a thing, but it sure isent poetry!

jenn said...

I love you Rhy!!! And I miss your face!

Sewon said...

Such perfectly lovely journal pages, Rhya. I'm excited to send you another mail soon. :]