Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Sketches

a message for the forest.
I've been working on some little illustrations over the last few weeks for an upcoming project.  Here are some snaps from this weekends rough sketches.  So excited.  I also have a big post coming about some lovely mail packages I received in the mail recently.  As for my weekend a few things stand out:
1. a long swim under the blazing evening sky.
2. a hazy bbq with so many lovely friends...and then there was that bag full of boxes with black widow spiders...the non-poisonous male kind...they belonged to a black widow spider expert I met that night! So amazing!
3. finding the venue for a very big future event!
Party Sweater.
Lost in a field of flora.
He is lonely.
Mutual respect.


Merissa Cherie said...

These are such cute sketches :) I like the texture in the paper too.

Katyha said...

these are so gorgeous. Can I ask, is it a pen that you outline with? or is it all done with watercolour paints? I am doing design and this semester have chosen illustrating narrative as my elective and I'd like to achieve a similar effect (although truthfully I cannot draw quite as beautifully as you). Gorgeous blog, I have loved looking through all your creations