Thursday, April 22, 2010

The birds are back.

in trunks.
this weekend i hit up the always awesome trunk show down at the workroom. i was lucky enough to get there in time to snatch up some of melinda's awesome fabrics! i couldn't wait to use it in my journal. so voila, it makes a perfect head scarf for me and my cat.

and of course i went to tap class this week. i don't know what i am going to do when my class closes up for the summer. kyle is thinking of building me my own tap floor to put in the back yard. i fear for my neighbors.
the birds are back.


Jaime said...

Did you know there's a tap jam in the city? I think it's usually Sunday nights. Lately, on nice days, they've been doing it outside in Trinity Bellwoods and other parks.

rhya said...

omg a tap jam! that is awesome. though i don't know if i am good enough to do such a thing!

rosalyn said...

omgosh, nice pick of fabric for your scarf!!! it's adorable!!!!

you will have to teach me how to tap, i've always wanted to learn!!!