Thursday, March 04, 2010

fresh start.
so this is the beginning of a new journal, number three since I started journalling again last february. i am having trouble adjusting to the new pages...they feel like strangers. i guess you could say we are in the 'getting to know you stage'.
Actually, i have started two new journals, the second one being quite a bit smaller than the's always a good challenge to play with your surface area and it is a little more portable for when i am trying my hand at traveling light.
now i need some recommendations! the other night i started typing words on to these scraps of colored paper and then made myself do a quite sketch of whatever to accompany the word. The example above is a not the best, as it was a test, and the other three i made got mailed off to a friend. The more appropriate word to this image would have been 'blush'.

so i was hoping for some 'word' suggestions to sketch. gimme gimme some inspiration please!


r= said...

i've got some ideas:

yaya! can't wait to see what u'll make!!! :)

: : t a n y a : : said...

Hi Rhya, how about:


Your characters are so cute, I want to hug them :)

rhya said...

omg these are all awesome!

i am going to start asap...well after

thanks guys!

it's always nice to get some outside inspiration!