Wednesday, March 24, 2010

284 days...
recently i have noticed a handful of people in my life doing 365 day projects, where one takes a photo or does a drawing each day for a year. I think this is such a cool way to document a year, in fact i like the idea so much i have decided to challenge myself to my own challenge which will combine two of my favourite things: the Nintendo DS and drawing. A few years ago kye introduced me to a DS drawing platform called Colors. It is super simple and allows you to make tiny little drawings on your DS, a perfect interlude between a game of mario or donkey kong. I have always wanted to experiment in this program more so here it goes: my challenge is to do a daily drawing using the Colors program on my Nintendo DS. Woot woot! (i realize i am a little late in the game, so i will do my best to occasionally double up on a drawing here or there.)
spotty guy.


t a n y a said...

great idea, Rhya!

rosalyn said...

can't wait to see more :)