Friday, February 15, 2008


Seven Things

1. I like to flick pillow cases between my fingers. I find it relaxing...yes it's weird...and yes I have been doing it since I was born...and no I will probably never quit.

2. My all time favorite foods are as follows:
-saag paneer rotis from Ghandi's in Toronto
-marina and kyle's enchiladas
-my grandmother's kugelis

3. When I am alone in the kitchen cooking, I like to pretend like I am on a cooking show and do a commentary as I cook, i will also answer my imaginary viewers that weird? cause it feels kind of weird?

4. I am not a fan of spiders or sharks...though I like to google pictures of them to freak just to myself out.

5. I chatter incessantly when I am a kid my dad nick named me Sammy Blue Jay after that annoying bird in the Green Forest.

6. I still watch Degrassi!

7. As a child I had a mini wall shrine for the late great Jim Henson.

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As for who I am going to tag...well i am not sure who is still reading this here ol' blog, but i am going to shoot out these names...though I will probably forget to leave a comment to tell them to do it.


and that seems like enough for now.

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